About us

INEXSE, is a Limited Liability Company registered in France with partnerships in the Middle East and Asia.


Founded by Francois Gachet (CEO-Co-Founder) in August 2009, INEXSE has been launched to develop the concept of scientific and technical company for transfer and implementation of expertise, knowledge and know-how. INEXSE provides integrated expertise & services through consultancy and know-how transfer and brings together multidisciplinary competencies to its clients.


Our values are: Honesty, Commitment to Safety, Openness and Customer satisfaction, Commitment, Quality, Sustainability and Environment, Teamwork, Humility, Internationalization and Valorization of resources.


Apply Expertise, Science and Technology to Industry and Organizations: We offer a comprehensive engineering consultancy service throughout the life cycle, from the planning and feasibility stages of a project through to commissioning, operation, upgrade and abandonment. With the experience and skills of our team and network; we are able to solve a wide range of problems as well as doing Investigative Engineering and Training and Education.


INEXSE is committing to work in compliance with the highest State of the Art and is following, for relevant activities, the prescriptions of:

  • ISO 9001              Quality management systems
  • ISO 17020            Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection
  • ISO 17025            General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories
  • ISO 14001            Environmental management systems
  • ISO 31000            Risk management — Principles and guidelines



Francois Gachet – CEO Partner


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