Calculation in an emergency

We, engineers, love our Modeling, Multiphysics, and advanced simulation tools allowing us to optimize our systems by iterations, testing options, and refining our designs… Sometimes, this is just not fast and convenient to find options, select solutions, or simply get an order of magnitude or a validation… Sometimes, the “good

HVAC Units Troubleshooting in challenging environment

HVAC units can be challenging to service and troubleshoot especially when they are used in mobility systems. Difficult access, limited time for intervention, handling refrigerant gas in confined spaces, brazing in difficult positions, … Mitigating fire, gas and HSE risks in such environment is requiring HSE preparation and procedures, highly

Mitigation of fatigue cracking on SDSS (Super Duplex Stainless Steel) piping

Super Duplex Stainless Steels have exceptional mechanical and corrosion properties; however, they are a cost-effective solution when operating conditions are tough, despite the precaution that must be taken for fabrication and especially welding. Most of piping and welding standards and codes are written for carbon steels or austenitic stainless steels;

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